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Nadin-Katrin Apel Portrait

Nadin-Katrin Apel

  • Currently I'm a Student at the Media University Suttgart.
  • In Sommer 2017 I will finish my Bachelor in Computer Science & Media.
  • Portfolio

    Computer Science and Media Student finishing Bachelor Degree with specialism in Webdevelopment, Object Oriented Programming and Computer Graphics with strong international profile.

    Strong Abilities working with JavaScript, JQuery, CSS/JS Frameworks such as W3.CSS, Bootstrap, Materialize.
    Being a professional figure skater for a long time in the past I am an excellent organizer and very good at time management.

    Working in University Projects eg. Webapplication Development and Content Management, developing a 3d ball game in LUA and a Virtual Reality Project with the Game Engine Unreal I gained a lot of practical Experience.

    2016 February I started an Internship at Porsche in the IT Management Department continuing in September 2016 as Working student.

    Hochschule der Medien




    2008 my family moved to Moskow (I was 14 then).
    We stayed there for 2 years and my sister, brother and I went to Deutsche Schule Moskow a German School.


    There I gained a lot of cultural experience fascinated by the architecture, cultural places like the red Square and Kremel, and impressed by the many splendid and magnificent events.
    And I learned the russian language of course.


    California - Long Beach


    Fascinated by the american culture I went to California Beach with EF for one month in Juli 2013 staying at the CSULB Campus.
    The big shops were gorgeous, I really liked the open minded people and fell in love with the beach.



    Buckingham Palace

    In August 2008 I participated in a one month english intensive Languagecourse in London organized by EF.
    Learning the english Language and exploring the brithish Lifestyle.
    I was impressed by the Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, the London Bridge and many more.
    I went to the Musical Wicked which enchanted me completely. And participated in a Harry Potter City Tour through the angle alley.



    First September 1994 I was born in Trier.
    Trier known as the oldest city of Germany I grew up in one of the cities with a lot of history in it with its Roman historic architectural monuments as the amphittheatre, Porta Nigra, Konstantin Basilika and Roman's Bridge counting just some.

    With the age of 8 my family and I moved to Munich.
    A very glorious city where almost everything is possible.

    Then I moved to Stuttgart in September 2013 for my studies.

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    Nadin-Katrin Apel Portrait
    Computer Graphics/
    3ds Max
    Mobile Content
    C/ C++
    ICT Law
    Self Study Further Info (Knowledge from 1-5, Beginner to Expert)
    Drupal  4 (Theming, Frontend Development, Module Development)
    JavaScript, JQuery 4 (Development of Webapplications, small games)
    Bootstrap, Materialize, W3.css 4 (Building of Websites)
    CSS 4 (Basic style and CSS3 animations/ transitions)
    PHP 3 (Building of Forms/ Applications/ Database Connection)
    Study Subject Further Info
    Mathematics  Discrete, Analysis, Probability Calculus, Path Finding, Algorithms
    Software Development 1  C, Assembler
    Communications Engineering 
    Introduction to Audiovisual Technologies 
    Industrial Methods for Engineers 
    English Test  B2/C1
    Theoretical Computer Science  Automata Theory
    Applied Mathematics  Analysis, Probability Calculus
    Database Systems 1  SQL, ERM Models, Trigger, functions, script building,
    Software Development 2  Java
    Computer Networks  Network Architecture, Network Traffic, Routing
    Operating Systems  Linux, Threading etc.
    Introduction to Human Computer Interaction 
    Web Application Development  Java Server Faces/Pages, Tomcat, Cookies, URL Rewirting, JS, Jquery, Formula with Java
    Structured data and applications 1  XML, XSD, XSL, XSL-FO, Java - DB -XML
    Algorithms and Data Structures 
    Business Administration for Computer Scientists 
    ICT Law 
    Software Project  Devoloping a Website in Drupal with one Comilitee
    Advanced Programming in C++ 
    Computer Graphics  3ds Max, Mathematic & Programming knowledge
    Internship  Porsche
    Theory of Game Development 
    Game Engine Programming  Developing a small Game Engine in C++
    Gameplay Programming  Using the Scripting Language LUA to build a 3d ball game (3ds Max Models)
    IT Security  Investigation of different threats
    Interdisciplinary Project  Developing a JavaScript/ Jquery Application for Calculating figure skating programs

    Technical Skills

    Project Timeline

    JavaScript Application caclulating a ice skating presentations

    A JavaScript Application calculating dances on ice

    A funny Ball Game written in Lua and C++

    First encounter with Drupal 8.

    Virtual Reality Game with HTC Wife, Blender & Unreal Engine 4.
    Expore an amazing world while running on a mechanic treadmill.
    We even made it into a German newspaper

    Research on Drupal 8 & building of a Tutorial Blog

    Remake of the website of a figure skating club in plain JavaScript and as OnePager.

    2000-2003 Elementary School Grundschule Trier Quint (Rheinland Pfalz)
    2003-2005 Elementary School in Munich Grundschule II, Kirchheim bei München
    2005-2008 High School for Sport in Munich Isar Sport-Gymnasium München
    20010-2013 High School in Munich Gymnasium Kirchheim (Kirchheim bei München)
    2013 Graduation with Grade A Abitur 1,8
    2013-2017 Media University Stuttgart: Computer Science and Media
    2016/02-2017/07 Internship at Porsche Stuttgart in the IT-Management Department
    2016/09-2017/02 Working as Working Student at Porsche Stuttgart in the IT-Management Department


    Spectrum: 0-100, 100 fluent












    Language Skills

    Nadin-Katrin Apel Portrait

    Nadin-Katrin Apel Doubleaxel

    • Passionate figure skater.
    • Skating professional from age 9-19.
    • First time on ice: 4 years of age.
    • Received Trainer license.
    • Coaching at the TEC Stuttgart.
    • Voluntary work for the figure skating club TEC.
    Nadin-Katrin Apel Portrait Nadin-Katrin Apel Portrait

    Dancing Feet 2016

    • Volunary work for the international office at the HdM.
    • Support of exchange students on their visit in Germany.


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